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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Service for your vehicle?

Properly balanced car wheels support your on-road safety and allow the vehicle to run smoothly. Therefore, you should opt for regular routine wheel balancing checks to enhance your handling efficiency and safe driving experience. Hither Green Specialist Cars is a reliable name in Clevedon and nearby areas for professional services at cost-efficient prices.

Our experts are highly efficient in performing wheel balancing Clevedon following advanced methods. Want to book us for a wheel balancing check? Please visit our workshop at Unit 41 Hithergreen Industrial Estate Clevedon Bristol BS21 6XU.

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When should you visit us for a wheel balancing check Clevedon?

Regularly scheduling a wheel balance inspection (every 5000-6000 miles) is a good routine. However, certain factors may affect your car’s wheel balance at an early stage. In such cases, you will come across certain signs and symptoms that indicate you are driving a car with unbalanced wheels.

Warning Signs Of Wheel Imbalance

Rapid And Uneven Tyre Wear

This is one of the most common symptoms of unbalanced car wheels. Under usual circumstances, tyre wear takes place symmetrically across the tread. However, for unbalanced wheels, you will notice asymmetric tyre wear across the edges.

Uncomfortable Rides

Wheel imbalance can lead to a faulty suspension system, causing inefficient vehicle control. So, you may experience bumpy rides while driving the car. Suspension damage can result in expensive repairs.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Vibrations in your car’s steering wheel are one of the earliest signs of wheel imbalance. This vibration increases with the tyre wear and affects the entire car cabin.

So, whenever you notice any of these signs, contact us immediately for wheel balancing Clevedon.

Feel free to call us on 01275 217475 or send us and email at info@hgscars.co.uk if you have any queries!

Wheel Balancing Explained

Explore our maintenance process to finalise your quest for "wheel balancing near me" with us:

  • First, we dismount the wheel/tyre assembly from your car and mount it on a wheel balancing machine.
  • We rotate the wheel at high speed to detect the actual point of imbalance.
  • Our computerised device notes down the readings accurately.
  • Based on the readings, we add counterweights to the area of imbalance to restore the wheel balance.
  • Finally, we remount the wheel and perform a tyre pressure check to complete our wheel balancing Clevedon efficiently.