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Are you looking for Timing Chain Replacement for your vehicle?

A timing chain plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth combustion process. It harmonises crankshaft and camshaft rotation. This ensures that your vehicle's pistons and valves are functioning optimally during each cylinder firing.

Hither Green Specialist Cars provides OE-grade timing chain replacement Clevedon for all major car makes and models. It ensures optimum performance and durability.

Our garage is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of car enthusiasts adept at dealing with all sorts of timing chain related issues.

Signs Of Faulty Timing Chain

A car’s timing chain functions simultaneously with the engine. It usually doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s damaged, strained or otherwise affected.

In such cases, you may notice any of the following symptoms. Do not ignore them! Instead, address such concerns immediately to our timing chain replacement specialists Clevedon for accurate and prompt solutions.

Engine Misfiring

Engines misfire might occur due to a stretched timing chain. This causes the tooth on the camshaft or crankshaft gear to skip, which results in lack of power. In such scenarios, you will face poor engine performance and erratic idling.

Check Engine Light Blinking

Though this can be due to several reasons, visit us to understand the exact reason. If it is due to a damaged timing chain, we will inform you about the same and seek consent before offering a timing chain replacement service.

Contaminated Engine Oil

Timing chain wear can frequently result from the use of substandard or contaminated engine oil, as it inadequately lubricates critical components.

Noisy Engine

Over time, your car’s timing chain may get loose or stretched. So, when your car's engine runs, the timing chain will rattle while rotating. Due to this, whenever you start your car's engine or press the brakes, you will get a rattling noise coming from your car's engine.

You can opt for a cheap timing chain replacement Clevedon from us. Our technicians will inspect the timing chain and get it replaced with an OE-grade spare.

Apart from these, if you experience lags while starting your vehicle, you can consider coming to us instead of continuing your us “timing chain replacement near me” searches.

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